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The International Jurgenson Competition for young composers has been organized by the Centre for Contemporary Music (Moscow) and by the Jurgenson Charity Foundation with support of Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.

The Competition takes place each two years. The Competition is open for composers under 35 years (include).

The Competition invites submissions in the following categories:

Compositions for soloist ensembles or for voice and soloists (6-16 musicians in both cases);

String quartet;

Compositions for marimba or for percussion ensemble (up to 6 musicians).

The Competition have two rounds. 10 participants are admitted to the second round after adjudication of scores. Awards will be conferred after the performance of compositions by soloists from the Studio for New Music (Moscow) and Mark Pekarsky’s percussion ensemble.

The Competition will only accept compositions that are unpublished, and which have not been performed publicly.

Jurgenson Competition 2013

Jurgenson Competition 2013 Application


Ministry of Culture and Mass Comunication of the Russian Federation;
Government of Moscow;
Russian Composers’ Union Moscow;
Tchaikovsky Conservatoire Centre for Contemporary Music, Moscow;
Jurgenson Charity Foundation.


The application package, marked “To the organizing committee of the International Jurgenson competition for young composers”, should be submitted to the following address:

Centre for Contemporary Music
Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory
B.Nikitskaya 13, of.316,
Moscow 125009 Russia
Tel/fax (+7 495) 690 51 81


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